thousandth-word: 5 year is coming…

Full Circle

Now I know how Michael felt. But hey, at least we both eat good pussy.





Sam calmly enters the bedroom, gradually sets coffee and phone down on nightstand and lays down beside Sasha. Sasha already has Sam’s hit of heroin awaiting him on the windowsill.

They begin to kiss, slowly. Sasha gracefully lays a leg over Sam and mounts him. They continue to make out passionately. Sasha unbuttons Sam’s shirt and pulls one sleeve off after the other.

She wraps a bandana around his arm with her teeth. She grabs the syringe from the windowsill, she flicks it and squeezes a squirt of heroin out of the needle. She looks at Sam, and pauses for a long moment. You can feel the stillness.

Sam looks at her with apprehension, but mostly excitement. Sam accepts and gives Sasha his veiny arm with the bandana on it. 

Sasha swabs the arm chooses one of two veins. She lays the needle upon Sam’s flesh and slowly punctures the skin, inserting the needle to just the right spot. She pulls the head of the syringe back a little bit, drawing a hue of red blood into the yellowish syringe. 

She plunges the head of the syringe forward into Sam’s vein. She leans in slowly and kisses Sam again until the syringe is three quarters gone.

Sam is completely relaxed, looks nearly comatose. Sasha rolls off of Sam and lays next to him. 

The entire room besides the bed floats up and away as the bed slowly falls through an abundance of clouds.

Arapahoe Basin sidecountry.

We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall.

What isn’t necessarily captured in this edit was my first experience with LSD, followed by a morning hike up Teton pass. Jackson will always be a magical little-big place for me. 

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